Back in the UK

Having taken a month off from everything we are now living in the UK and have started back at work. So how is the transition so far? At the moment it still feels like we are back on our annual holiday, but as the weeks turn in to months I know the reality that we have left Uganda will sink in. Starting back at work this week has moved me a little closer to that realisation but as I am working from home and I have done that during my holidays before, it still isn’t real yet.

Six and a half years of life is a long time. I remember the feelings of sadness when my university degree came to an end. Saying goodbye to the friends I had shared life with for three years was hard enough but leaving Uganda was without a doubt the hardest thing we have done. We know God has called us back to the UK and we know this is his perfect plan for us now but it doesn’t stop the emotional tug now that our ties are stretched over thousands of miles to the people we have literally done life with for the past six and a half years. At the moment our point of reference is Uganda, our stories are Uganda, if we see something funny we want to share it with the people in Uganda that would understand the joke.

But we are looking forward to reestablishing a sense of belonging here. We have wonderful friends and family where our ties go back to way before Uganda and they are still strong now – they just need a little updating.


2 comments on “Back in the UK

  1. Praying for you guys, Jodi. I know a tiny bit of that feeling you are talking about.Transitioning is so hard, but it does help that you guys have a total peace that being in the UK is where you are supposed to be for now! You are both in my prayers!! xx

  2. Nice to know you are back to work already, we continue to pray for you both as you transition and that God will see you through this period. You were such a blessing to us, my regards to Chris, Blessings.

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